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“Do (not) IMPROVISE your FUTURE” TC in Czech Republic.


Our organization between 16th and 24th of October was participating in Training Course “Do (not) IMPROVISE your FUTURE”, where together with 30 other youth workers and leader from Czech Republic, Poland, FYROM, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, Greece and Estonia. During the project we were able to work among developing skill in social entrepreneurship and improvisation techniques.

Participants spent 9 days in Brno, were during workshops based on non-formal education methods were working on their improvisation, entrepreneur and soft skills which will be extremely helpful for them for changing situation and taking the risk in these days world, both locally and globally. During entrepreneurships’ sessions participants were putting themselves into young peoples’ shoes, and developing how to take an action in order to achieve their goals, to change an idea into a plan and take an action to develop a project. They were able also to learn how to communicate and cooperate with other peers and stockholders. Improvisation was implementing in the way of exploring attitudes to let the participants to create a safe environment where they could fail, however to continue an action in order to success, it showed participants how to listen others, how to be in the place at the moment to not lose any information, helps with taking fast decisions and develop creativity. According to creation entrepreneur workshops based among improvisation methods participants developed skills which are useful to take the action in the changing world (locally and globally) where the stations of the entrepreneurs are changing all the time and they need to take fast decision and not stop on the fails but to learn how to change them for advantages.

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